How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent in Kansas City Metro Area

Hiring a real estate agent in Kansas City Metro Area can be frustrating. So what are the steps on how to find a good real estate agent in Kansas City Metro Area? Many local large real estate brokers will spend thousands of dollars each month to ensure that their agents are the most visible, whether it … Continued

What is a Pre-Foreclosure in Kansas City Metro Area?

With millions of homes across the country going into foreclosure, it’s important for both buyers and mortgage holders to understand the process. So what is a pre-foreclosure in Kansas City Metro Area anyway? Many homeowners across America and Kansas City Metro Area are facing difficulties making their monthly mortgage payments. When a homeowner misses 3-6 months of … Continued

How to Avoid Foreclosure in Kansas City Metro Area

While the housing market is rebounding, many people in Kansas City Metro Area] are still struggling to make their mortgage payments. If you’re underwater on your home, or having trouble keeping up with your monthly mortgage payments, you could be fearful that your mortgage provider is going to foreclose. Thankfully, there are a number of things that … Continued

How to Sell Your House to an Investor in Kansas City Metro Area

Home ownership just isn’t what it was in the 1950’s. In the past, people would buy a home and live there for the rest of their lives, often passing it on to their family. Things have changed. Many first-time homebuyers are going into it with the attitude that they’ll sell when it’s time for a change. If … Continued

Selling Your Home During a Divorce in Kansas City Metro Area

If you’re wondering about the ins and outs of selling your home during a divorce in Kansas City Metro Area Kansas… we’ll dive into the steps and things to look out for in this article. With over 50% of American marriages ending in divorce, many Kansas City Metro Area Kansas residents are looking or advice … Continued

How to Stay in My Home After Foreclosure in Kansas City Metro Area

A recent study estimates that 47% of foreclosed properties are still occupied. When you first see that stat you may be surprised… but we’re not. What most people don’t realize is that banks aren’t in the business to own homes. They are in the business to loan people money. But when they have to foreclose … Continued

We Buy Houses in Kansas City Metro Area Companies – Are They Credible?

If you’ve been driving around in Kansas City Metro Area, chances are you’ve seen some billboards advertising companies that buy houses. Often times they say things like “We Buy Kansas City Metro Area Houses!” or “Cash For Your House”. Are These “We Buy Houses in Kansas City Metro Area Companies” Credible? How do I know if … Continued